About Us

Talent Express is part of the internationally acclaimed Virtual Resources Group who have created market leadership within New Zealand through innovative thinking, world leading Online tools, award winning methodologies and global Best Practice awards for service, methodology and leadership.

As a result Talent Express offers you a range of services that will enable you to transform the way in which you identify and select talent.

The expertise and the tools that Talent Express offer you deliver Best Practice identification, assessment and recruitment to secure the quality of talent that will build the capability of your organisation.

Using Talent Express’s On-Demand Recruitment Services you will be able to:

  • Search for the best talent in the market
  • Shoulder Tap key people from your competitors
  • Match CV’s against the Job Description for an automatic rating
  • Use Tools that tap into the hidden candidate market
  • Preview Interview Profiles online to assess potential candidates

We also leverage the resources and expertise of Management Search International who are one of New Zealand’s leading Search & Recruitment companies. Their award winning TalentSmart candidate profiling methodology matches candidate’s potential performance to your role.

Whether you are an SME, major corporate or on the AoG panel our-Menu of On-Demand Recruitment Services can help transform the talent capability of your organisation.