Successful safety cultures are built through creating mind-shifts in behaviours, in thinking as well as creating personal ownership at every level of the business.

To do this you need to Recruit the right Safety mindsets and behaviours so that Safety Excellence becomes embedded within your Teams and across your business.

Talent Express partners with the world leader in Safety mindsets and offers their tools and methodologies which enable you to identify who has a Safety Excellence mindset and where you have risk.

Select from our On-Demand Menu:

  • Safety Excellence – with the key stakeholders in your business we define your safety goals, set measures of success, develop safety related metrics and integrate Safety Assessments into your talent selection processes
  • Coaching 4 Safety Excellence – build Safety & Leadership Excellence through group Coaching Programmes which embed Safety Excellence, develops strong team cultures and enables difficult issues such as performance expectations, challenging conversations and safety measurements to be proactively managed
  • ISAT Assessment – our Individual Safety Assessment measures an employee’s safety knowledge, their behaviours as well as their overall mindset towards safety
  • LSAT Assessment – our Leaders Safety Assessment measures individual leaders’ safety and leadership strengths as well as pinpointing the areas that need development
  • TSAT Assessment – our Team Safety Assessment forms a clear picture of how individuals and teams are working together as well as how their strengths and weaknesses will impact the business 

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