Finding the right people is one of the most important elements of a successful business. Your talent is what differentiates you in the market.

To be successful it requires:

  • An understanding of what needs to delivered in the role
  • Insight into how a candidate will deliver results in the role
  • An assessment of the motivators and the drivers of a candidate
  • An understanding of the risks (if any) of a candidate
  • A forecast of what development they will need
  • An indication of the correct remuneration levels

It is complex and requires experience, expertise and the right assessment tools to measure and predict the potential of candidates.

We have a remarkable track record over 20 years of helping grow, expand and transform businesses through the identification of the right people for the right roles.

Our TalentSmart methodology identifies future performance and matches candidate’s potential to roles.

And our newly introduced tools such as PowerMyCVResume and PowerMyJobSearch enable us to assess quickly and effectively the candidate’s match to a role.

PowerMyInterview is our industry leading online tool that records a candidate’s responses and enables you to view them online (and their responses) before you meet with them for a Face to Face interview.

The On-Demand Recruitment Services that Talent Express offer enable you to make your people your very distinct Competitive Advantage in the market!!!