At your fingertips are our On-Demand Recruitment services, our TalentSmart recruitment tools and the Recruitment expertise to make sure you have high performing talent in your roles.

On-Demand service means you only pay for what you require. Simple and measurable – yet able to deliver remarkable results for you and your business!!!

Our Menu of On-Demand Services includes:

  • Role Profiling – identify the Key Performance Indicators in a role
  • Advertising – we will write the advertisement for you (and place it if you like)
  • Applicant Review – we select the candidates that fit and say no for you to the ones who don’t
  • PowerMyJobSearch – our online selection tool assesses CV’s and gives you a Value Rating on each of them
  • PowerMyInterview – each Shortlist candidate records an online interview for you to review. Therefore, you only interview those that you choose
  • Interviews – we Screen, Assess and Interview for you. We recommend to you only those candidates that you should interview yourself
  • Assessments – we use our CareerDecisionMaker assessment to measure the candidate’s fit in terms of Values, Skills, Motivators, Personality
  • References – our Consultants will do Online Checks and References including Credit Checks and Police Checks
  • Offers – we manage the offer and the negotiation to guarantee the best possible outcome for your business
  • Headhunting – if you know someone in a competitor and it is a little difficult to approach them – let us do it. We are experts at securing talent!!
  • Employment Contracts – we are able to provide you with an Individual Employment Contract that meets your legal requirements

Partnerships Creating Success!!