Successful Team & Organisational Performance is based on people working together towards specific and measurable goals. 

For over 30 years our expertise and insights have transformed performance, built strong team cultures, and delivered highly profitable businesses.

Build your business Performance from our On-Demand Menu:

  • Vision to Action – our Business Planning tool which has transformed organisational performance across New Zealand and internationally by defining Key Strategic Initiatives and building transformational delivery results
  • Coaching – our Face to Face Coaching (both Online & In-Person) identifies the key motivators, capabilities and talent potential of individuals using tools such as CareerDecisionMaker & Gallup StrengthsFinder to build pathways to high performance
  • Coaching 4 High Performance – our team Coaching Programme that focuses on building a Toolkit for Team Leaders and Managers to manage difficult issues more effectively such as performance expectations, challenging conversations, active listening, delegation and motivation
  • Online Seminars include:
    • Kia Kaha | Stay Strong – a 1 hour Seminar that focuses on Wellbeing, Managing Stressors & Controlling Events, Reframing Thinking, Reaching out to Whanau, Resiliency, Creating Powerful Futures and Gratitude
    • Working Remotely – a 30 minute Seminar that focuses on Setting Yourself Up, Managing Relationships when Working at Home, Scheduling, Finding Your Rhythm and Mental Wellbeing
    • Virtual Leadership – customised 3 x 1 hour Seminars focused on creating a High Performance culture when working remotely – particularly creating trust, setting expectations, communicating, mental wellbeing and delivering to expectations
  • Career Transition Coaching & Support – if you have staff going through Career Transition or Redundancy we can assist. We have a partnership (and special rates) with New Zealand’s Career Transition & Support leader – Let us know and we will look after your people!!

Partnerships Creating Success!!