Multiple recruitment projects can be complex, expensive and it requires a very special skill set.

It is a combination of Project Management, Insightful Assessment, superb Candidate Management and a very high level of Communication with a wide range of different Stakeholders.

Talent Express excels in delivering outstanding outcomes on these types of Projects as it has the tools to manage the complex Project deliverables, the rigorous assessment methodology to find the right people as well as the proven expertise to deliver against budget outcomes and to meet Critical Path Timelines.

A recent example is that a very large multinational required a large workforce recruited that required very specific skill sets as well internationally validated security clearances. It was considered by the client’s management as being incredibly difficult and one at which they had not succeeded in delivering themselves or through using a large recruitment agency.

Talent Express delivered a remarkable result that met every single performance criteria and delivered such a successful outcome that we were entrusted with a second major project for the same client.

Our success is built on Trust. Trust that we will deliver what we have agreed. Trust that we engage and communicate at all levels. Trust that we know how to find the right people and Trust that we will never drop the ball.